Moving Mountains Series

Why join some or all of the She Leads Moving Mountains sessions? 

All of us are leaders whether we are leading a company, a team, a family or a community activity as women, and leaders, we want to be successful, connected and happy. 

We want to have the courage to show up as our authentic selves, no matter what table we are sitting at. 

We want to be accountable and expand and know this can only happen outside our comfort zones. 

We want to take a breath and refuel so we can keep making an impact. 

We want to find harmony between the countless competing priorities we manage . 

We want to connect with other women, dive deep and grow. 

We want to play with other women in the outdoors, because it is great medicine.

We want to be genuine and live into our integrity completely. 

And we don’t want to do these things alone, there is tremendous power in doing this exploration with others.

Bring out the best in you.

The She Leads Moving Mountains Series is built to bring out the best in you. In a safe space, you will have the opportunity to participate in coordinated/ instructor led outdoor activities, connect with like-minded women and develop mindsets and skills to bring you to your next level. 

Register for one, some or all of the sessions!

Each day starts at 9 am and ends at 3 pm. *All gear rentals are included in the price and coordinated ahead of time.* You will enjoy a healthy lunch served by Marli's at the Pollard Hotel, followed by an afternoon leadership workshop. 

  • Interested in staying a couple of nights at the Pollard and exploring Red Lodge? Click HERE to book additional nights with a 15% She Leads discount or call the Pollard Hotel directly at 406.446.0001 and use the code She Leads.

  • I prioritize creating a psychologically safe workshop space where you feel seen, valued and honored. We will explore and learn through interactive exercises and conversations and leave with inspiring and practical self strategies. 

Session Details

May 16, 2024

Outdoor Activity: Cross Country Skiing at the Nordic Center or Winter Hike with Sylvan Peak Mountain Center.

Leadership Workshop with Erika: Owning your Narrative: a workshop on radical accountability.

Discover the impact of taking ownership of thoughts, words and your personal narratives. Uncover how radical personal accountability fosters resiliency, innovation and personal development.

June 27, 2024

Outdoor Activity: Beartooth Mountains hike with Marci Dye from Sylvan Peak Mountain Shop.

Workshop: Radical Responsibility - The Power of Self-Awareness, with Erika Purington. 

August 8, 2024 ~ She Leads, On the River!

Outdoor Activity: A guided float/paddle down the Yellowstone River with Adventure Whitewater with an island stop for lunch and the workshop.

Workshop: Radical Responsibility and the Power of Presence, with Erika Purington. 

October 10

Outdoor Activity: Fall Beartooth Mountain Hike with Marci Dye from Sylvan Peak Mountain Shop. 

Workshop: Being Your True Self: discover what masks you wear that keep you from being who you really are and learn the costs and benefits of them, with Piney Capp. 

**Outdoor activities are subject to change based on weather conditions.

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