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My mission is to help people lead well, for themselves, for the teams they work with, and for the communities they live in. In my diverse leadership experience, I found it most beneficial to be a lifelong learner and to always strive for growth. I turned challenges into opportunities. I inspired action and results. Now I want to do the same for my clients.

In the business world, I’ve done organizational development for a fast-changing 50-year-old nationwide franchiser, and market development for a services-based startup. In the nonprofit world, I’ve been an executive director, chief development officer, and director of business growth. In each of these experiences, I found that the key to success was leadership. And the key to leadership was people. I needed to find the right people, help them build their capacities, and put them in the right situations to grow.

I thus nurtured my abilities to surface and facilitate the honest conversations and best solutions critical to take things to the next level. I used my passion and commitment to deeply connect with a wide variety of projects and personalities. As an executive, and now as a consultant and coach, I have always sought to inspire and motivate those around me.

Our services

EW Coaching & Consulting tailors leadership and team development programs to your unique business needs.  

Leadership & Group Coaching

Leaders can develop their own capacity to a certain level. And we only see what we can and sometimes want to. We all have blind spots.

At EW Coaching & Consulting, I partner with clients to provide a safe, genuine, accountable, and action-oriented coaching environment. My clients have reported that they have used these coaching relationships to build self-awareness, self-regulation, and an ability to intentionally choose responses that will get them where they want to get.

Team  Development

Healthy organizations have smart,  healthy, innovative teams. Do your teams recognize the individual strengths of each member, engage in constructive conflict, and intentionally seek to build trust and hold each other accountable? These kinds of teams don’t just happen. They arise when their leaders apply the unique science and organizational dialogue behind effective leadership.   I use DiSC & Five Behaviors of an Effective Team created by Patrick Lencioni to work with your leaders and teams.   I can walk you through conflict. I can help you bring the right conversations—including the difficult conversations—to the surface at the right time. I can help you create experiences that produce results. I can help you develop a top-notch team that creates the most sought-after competitive advantage.

Team development is unique for each organization. Maybe we start with group facilitation of a strategy-setting session. Or maybe we start with individual and team coaching to ensure the productivity of that session. Maybe you know the challenges you need to overcome, and we tailor a program to do so. Or maybe we start with creating the environment that can safely and productively bring those challenges to light. 

Organizational and Operational Consulting

One of my strengths is that I’ve done this personal and professional work myself. I’ve led teams at growing businesses and thriving nonprofits. I’ve conceived strategies, managed budgets, hired go-getters, and developed detailed operational plans. I love putting people in position to grow into similar accomplishments.

           But sometimes you need the work done now. You need the vision, or the strategy, or the plan. You need me to be more than a coach. You need action: leading, following, designing the plan, doing the work. I can help here too.

Whether it’s a consulting contract or an interim leadership gig, we can design an engagement where I give you added support. It won’t be fulltime permanent—I love working for myself and have other business relationships to sustain! But it may be just what you need to get to your next step.

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EW Coaching & Consulting

Customer testimonials

“It’s not every day a person has an opportunity to work with a leader who has such a high level of self-awareness and integrity. Erika Willis has found a way to demonstrate this awareness through the teams she leads and empowers individuals to do the same thing for themselves. What she creates when leading with this approach is a group of engaged individuals who are mission focused and dedicated to a thriving culture”


“Erika is one of those dynamic individuals that you immediately want to learn from and collaborate with because you know immediately she is going to make positive impacts on your individual growth. My work with Erika was a valuable step in my development as a leader and improved my ability to not only communicate, coach and inspire but also to navigate office dynamics. Most of all, I gained an appreciation for presence and mindfulness which has not only positively impacted my time with my team in the office but also my time with my children at home.”


“Erika immediately bonds with organizational leadership, assessing the strengths of the organization and identifying the opportunities for growth. She is not only able to create an effective strategic plan, she plays a key role in the implementation of that plan. Her leadership and communication skills make her incredibly valuable to work with.”


“Erika’s depth of knowledge and passion for organizational health is incredible. The work she has done with my clients has exceeded my expectations and left them stronger because of the experience.  ”