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Why hire a Coach?

Committed leaders can do a lot to develop their own capacities. Leaders can grow fast with a combination of contexts that require new ways of Seeing, Being, and Doing, and rigorous self-development.

And, we only see what we can see.

The human mind is proficient at filtering out information that contradicts what we think!

We all have blind spots.

An outside coach supports development by:

  • Providing a sounding board outside office/home politics
  • Offering powerful and precise feedback
  • Revealing habits of thought, perception and action
  • Evoking leadership presence and self-awareness
  • Identifying high leverage actions and learning practices

Great coaches bring both robust methodology and embodied, congruent presence. Far more than a “bag of tricks,” a coach offers authentic partnership to leaders facing daunting challenges and constant, complex change.

Empower teams to be their best

Coaching Packages

EW Consulting can customize a coaching plan to you and your team. Virtual and in-person leadership coaching available.

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