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Building Strong Leaders and Resilient Cultures

Inclusive Leadership Series

Do people in your organization have a strong sense of belonging at work? Do they feel included and valued? Feeling included, seen and heard, is one of today’s strongest indicators of employee engagement. Authentic inclusion is not an option in the workforce. It has become a must-have to staying relevant.

The stakes are high in today’s fast-changing world. Leaders and organizations risk high turnover, low employee engagement & productivity, and mass quiet quitting when inclusion is not a priority. At the end of the day, the bottom line takes a big hit.

Research shows that there is over a 50% increase in performance and a 50% decrease in turnover when people feel that they belong and the culture is inclusive (BetterUp, “The Value of Being at Work”) Engaged employees are 22% more profitable (Gallup).

How do you acquire or grow inclusive leadership skills? Simply trying harder can be exhausting, especially when you don’t have a guide. How do you create belonging? How do you cultivate and sustain the environment where trust is high, problems are solved quickly, feedback is respectful and appreciated and innovation is prevalent?

My Inclusive Leadership Series builds capabilities like these:

  • Cultivate psychological safety and trust in a team.
  • Sharpen inclusive communication skills
  • Strengthen leadership self-awareness
  • Develop & commit to strategies that support personal and team inclusion habits

Structure of virtual 6-week course:

  • Research-based digital content from WildSparq augmented by high-level facilitation and coaching.
  • Field work
  • Group & Individual coaching with an International Coaching Federation certified coach.


  • Virtual and In-Person options available.

Outcomes: At the end of this series, participants will:

  • Better understand what leadership behaviors and habits cultivate inclusion
  • Identify and activate personal changes to improve inclusive leadership
  • Have skills to negotiate and leverage conflict, mobilize true collaboration and build a team culture that drives high performance and engagement. 
  • Gain confidence that they not only have leadership skills, but that those skills are leveling up inclusion. 
  • be equipped to put action to DEI in day-to-day interactions with co-workers and teams.

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